Reviews for "Super Adventure Game Land"

stupid dragon

i cant get axe btw its a sea horse not a dragon

My Eyes Really Hurt

No seriously, my eyes are really burning. The gameplay was terrible in a funny way, which in a way makes it succeed, but way too short, way too much text, and the colorlessness made the fonts REALLY hurt my eyes. Owe.

Why's everyone hatin'?

That was awesome! Good job!


Less a game and more a technology demo. Ok, I guess its more than a technology demo. Its a technology demo with rants!

squidly responds:

How is this possibly a technology demo?
If I went back in time and showed Atari this in 1983, assuming their computers wouldn't explode trying to run it, then it would be a technology demo.

But this is in no way representative of my skills as a coder.

Too Easy dude.

I think that the game was just too simple and easy plus the people talked for waaaaaaaaaay too long. If it had been a bigger game, then who knows? I might have scored you a 10