Reviews for "Super Adventure Game Land"


Ok, I'm not going to bash this game. I can appreciate the humor you're worling with here, all the parodies and such. But, you and I both know that you could have done so much more with this game. The shortness in itself is really the most disappointing. You get going, and it's over. If you were going to make a game like this, you need thousands of bad puns, hundreds more poorly disguised parodies, and more interactive gameplay. There is no jump button, which would probably be useless anyway, considering the speed at which the character moves. Also, there was no swinging from anything. No getting over pits or.... or even climbing up a friggin' ladder! There is so much more you would be able to do with this game, but it looks like you just got bored and threw some crap together, and that was the end of it. The concept is great, but it's ridiculously short, and I can tell how lazy you were in making it. This could have been a fantastic game, it's just too short and too small.


the dragon looks like a seahorse there's no color what do you think we are colorblind children who don't care what they're playing as long as they're playing something? seriously?!

click the top left corner

you get 999 health $99 99 arows and 9 bombs


8X this game was awsome... and funny

:) i like adventures! this game is cool X4

the next must write 8X if they like the game