Reviews for "Super Adventure Game Land"

Easter Egg

Click in the top left corner a little under your health in the beginning of the game and you get
999 hp
99 arrows
9 bombs
Hope it helps =3

squidly responds:

Gah, don't give it away!


It wasn't much of a game, but this flash was really neat. The writing was great, the video game cliches were spot on, and the dragon looked like a seahorse!! Weird...

squidly responds:

I took it right out of the mother of all graphic adventure games: Adventure for the Atari.
Look up "Grundle the Dragon"

the hell?

It was fun until the end. wtf was i supposed to do with the agent there? I couldn't even move and nuts.

squidly responds:

You weren't supposed to, it's called an ending.
Just talk to him through and you'll see the credits.


It's good, don't get me wrong but going right and holding down A (sometimes pressing S and D) gets a bit boring. I did like the dialogue though...

squidly responds:

Yeah, this was a bit light on combat strategy, maybe a slower sword...

A great parody...

You probably should have gave a little disclaimer in the info that this was more of a parody then an real game. I got all the the references and thought it was clever, I really like the "dragon" at the end. but game play that uses skill would be nice. I look foreword to the next one.

squidly responds:

See, the thing is, whenever I put in "skill" it makes it too hard.
Nevertheless, I will make the next one harder.