Reviews for "Super Adventure Game Land"


It is super awesome!!!

squidly responds:

Lots of awesomes lately, that's never a bad sign, thanks!

Pretty good

I wish you could hae added just a little more

squidly responds:

Such as what?
The game was designed with simplicity in mind, I shouldn't drag it on.

Great Game!

Great and funny game! (FYI there is a secret in the game!)

squidly responds:

Shhh... Leave it for the creepers!

good game

like the comment the is good 2

squidly responds:

Comment or commentary?
I don't get it, but thanks anyways.

er no

No Good. No Good.

And poems don't get your video a better rating, save that for Quizilla Or LiveJournal
and leave this space for PROPER game developers.

Ta Ta

squidly responds:

As far as reviews go, that didn't make sense at all.
The game is DESIGNED to look the way it does, you do know that, right?

Also, I thought the review was supposed to be on the game, not the comments.