Reviews for "Bubble Tanks TD"

So many hours...

Fuck you and fuck your addicting game.


Played the game for about 3 hours, it is amazing and very complex yet clean


very good game very fun to play

Great TD game

I love tower defense games, and this one was awesome. Good variety in the levels and towers, and great ways to use them together. I also like the fact that you can freely place and remove the basic towers in order to "juggle" your enemies back and forth. Great job, and keep up the bubbles.

Great difficulty curve

It's hard to find a game these days with a challenging but possible difficulty curve. Several of the levels took me over 3 times to beat. Liked the music and the finish of the game was very smooth.

My only complaint - and this may be inherent in any TD game - is that some of the towers seemed less useful. For example, the splash tower. Then again, maybe I just never used it right.

Finished all the major paths - Thanks!