Reviews for "Bubble Tanks TD"

Good game

Good game with lots of fun, could have had abit more to make me wanna come back but it was alot better then alot of the other TD's out there.

To anybody who is angry over the armor games thing, remember, armor games made this so they have full rights to keep the full version on there sight and the BT2 game on there sight for the link. Remember NG games keep there stuff of NG.

sorry you have to deal with guys like guy below

it was a great game i love all of your games keep up the good work


I've played this exact game before all you did was change the skin.

Simply fascinating....

Loved the music, the art was great, there were features what most TDs should have and some features most don't. But the game got too quickly boring. The fact that you could mislead the enemy by just selling off one tower... it was somehow annoying... Also the game should have been a lot more balanced. That balance was totally screwed up by that move of misleading. And the mega towers seemed simply too good...
Basically its an 8 because it simply needs to have a good balance. Thats what keeps making one come back to the game. The art and music could have been less if other factors were in order.

A very enjoyable defense game

First of all, the praises! I liked the original games and I love the style of this one. The art is very nice, the sound is soft and of good quality and the whole music just gives it a nice, clean and crisp feel (a lot like Spore). The quality was solid and the whole game was well conceived.

However, having said that, there are a few points that bugged me a lot.
- There should definitely be an ability for the towers to "target" a certain enemy that you want. For example, like in Bloons TD, have an option for your towers to target the first, the last, the strongest or the weakest enemy. There is nothing more frustrating than to lose a "perfect" victory a few rounds just because a ghost slipped past and your towers were busy shooting other, less important stuff that are stuck in a maze.
- There are a LOT of tower defense games and they all have pretty run-of-the-mill towers like normal damage, splash, slowdown, anti-air, etc. Although I loved the idea of the Megatowers (and mega mega towers), I feel like there should be more tower types and more original ones with more special abilities or something. Look into that.
- It would also be cool to have different looking megatowers or a little guide to see what kind of combination gives what kind of towers.

Other than that, a good enjoyable game!