Reviews for "Bubble Tanks TD"

101st review!

i loved this game, but one of the problems is there only 1 type of tower. it has many upgrades, but still, you could make dif ones just for heavy, fast, or long ranged.

p.s there is a version of ur game on arcadeprehacks.com, id play that one if it didnt freeze my computer lol


seen better seen worse

Pretty Standard Fare

I've been a great fan of the bubble tank series, but I have to say this one really lacks the same polish of the other two.

I mean, there is a lot of room for creativity in the bubble tank concept, especially in field and enemy designs. Sure the tower branching is somewhat interesting, but besides the first 2 tiers there is no deviation. Its more of an organizational element rather than at strategic element.

I know a lot of field TDs rip off Desktop Tower Defense, but its just sad that such an original game had to stoop that low to make a TD.

Regardless, I'm still looking forward to arena.

Nice Music, sounds and sleek graphics

this game really sets up a calming atmosphere. from the music, to the millions of bubble pops, to the bubbly designs of everything, it just feels good to play this game.

as for the gameplay itself, well theres a lot of missions here and i only beat about 10, but its very good so far, and i expect to beat a level or two everytime i visit newgrounds till i beat the whole game. lots of replay value here.

finally, being tower of defence games an over used idea, this game brings fresh ideas to really make this game a stand out ToD.

overall, great tower of defence game, great music and sounds, decent bubbly graphics.


AWSOME!! game but a little confusing I just like the bacics but u got to addmit the morffing 4 turrets at once is pretty cool!!!