Reviews for "Bubble Tanks TD"

recipe for GODLY tower:

build 3 mega towers of 3 maxed out normal cannons and one maxed out power upgrade cannon
add one mega tower of two power cannons, one range cannon, and one fire rate cannon
put them together for a mega mega cannon
put two next to eachother
it may be expensive but when i did it the second mega mega had more than 100000 attack, 1 reload, and max range
(results may vary)

This Game ROCKS! ^_^

I enjoyed this game a lot. I really like the concept of combining four towers to form a far more powerful tower. The only issue that I had is that the game is quite easy. Nevertheless, the game's really good. I wish there would be another version of this.

Nice Layout and Game

Only draw back is the guns are far more powerful then anything that will ever try to cross your path.


Great game, Herointeractive, keep doing this, your making life funner!

very nice game

I only have one issue with it even though its a very small one. you have hot keys for the upgrades, selling towers and placing towers, but there is no hot key for sending a new wave. other than that, very nice.