Reviews for "Bubble Tanks TD"




this game is great


I had to give this 10/10 considering how much I've played it. It's a great little timewaster and it's taken me a while to complete (almost) all of the levels with a perfect score.

I loved the different tower paths you could upgrade to, and the amount of possibilities by placing towers next to each other. The idea of mega-towers and mega-mega-towers was great as well and added another dimension to the game.

The other thing I enjoyed was the varied enemy types, and how you had to prepare differently for each type (especially as the level progressed and the enemies became more difficult). The level paths were also good and each one provided a new and refreshing challenge.

Overall, a superb tower defense game. If another one were to be made, that would be just great ;)


Mega Mega Towers(concists of 4 mega towers) are insane.. I built 2 mega mega towers purely out of damage boost ones, then one in the middle, that had a different combination of snipers, ghost, splash, fire rate and damage towers ...and the result? 1005598 damage..

This game is awesome

Very addicting and fun.
Nice job.