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Reviews for "Dragonrage"


i loved it.. the game would make the BEST mmorpg EVA! and i have played wow and would prefer this to that.. I AM NOT PROMOTING WOW IM UNPROMOTING IT I AM PROMOTING THIS THOUGH!!!!


I think it's really great, congrats, but there are some details which can improve a lot the "addictiveness" of the game:
1st: If there's a rank when we game over, why not making a highscore board?
2nd: Maybe upgradeable stuff + powerups would be even cooler
3rd: I found some coloured enemies which didn't appear in the help menu, and they were hella strong and I dunno if they give me more exp or not :0
Anyway, really good job, keep it up


i got to floor 11 and score 1454500 and rank Berzerker


Game is challenging and fun. My second play I got 2,212,500 points. Floor:17. Rank: Berzerker.


how do u attack? looked in help not there