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Reviews for "Dragonrage"

pretty sweet!

score: 71,400
final floor: 4
rank: soldier
im not all that good but i had fun. i never played a game like this since i was 8-10 years old! all in all great game, awesome music, cool looking enimies!

awsome game heres my score

Final score: 278900 final floor 8 rank knight
the game is awsome 10/10 5/5, but there is 1 flaw, tiny as it may appear to me, when you advance to a new floor you're enemies folow which are kinda annoying


Not the first but 10,967,100 :,(

Didn't read instructions

Floor 1
Score 500
Rank Slime Fodder

still a fun game


Floor: 38
Score: 10,966,500

gvsboy responds:

Holy crap -- you rock! As far as I know, you're the first player to publicly reach RAGEMASTER status. Have yourself one of these: http://www.ihighfive.com/