Reviews for "Dragonrage"

Very Nice

I love it. simple and good gameplay. maybe a littlebit hard but thats what i love^^

well done

great little old school game, i like the arcade and rpg mix!!!
btw ! for those who played! what floor , rank and score you all got?
my score is 4316200
floor 24 with a berzerker rank!


dude below me wins by 2 lvlslol

Was great!

Simple, challenging and fun. I didn't see a thing wrong with it. I guess this is more of a highscore game, like Pacman than one that's actually beatable?

totally killed 30 mins

if you can get further into it, the monsters evolve.. red slimes, blue slimes, red elves
woot, different colors
got 1,541,500 points at floor 16, rank berzerker
definitely addicting, and challenging as you go further, love it