Reviews for "Dragonrage"


i loved it.. the game would make the BEST mmorpg EVA! and i have played wow and would prefer this to that.. I AM NOT PROMOTING WOW IM UNPROMOTING IT I AM PROMOTING THIS THOUGH!!!!


i honestly didn't see this game goin anywhere at first but wow did it change my mind!??!!? it was really fun being as simple as it was with graphics and movements and all.

Floor: 24 Rank:Berzerker Score: 3289000


I think it's really great, congrats, but there are some details which can improve a lot the "addictiveness" of the game:
1st: If there's a rank when we game over, why not making a highscore board?
2nd: Maybe upgradeable stuff + powerups would be even cooler
3rd: I found some coloured enemies which didn't appear in the help menu, and they were hella strong and I dunno if they give me more exp or not :0
Anyway, really good job, keep it up


Yes i disliked that bug on 24s it was very annoying
but the game was great i disliked a couple of the bats that are at about floor 4-5 and so on causse they just wouldnt die even when i got rage it sucked
but ya as i said great game
P.S KHDN i also got ragemaster but i thought it was a low score so i didnt crowd the game besides i nvr post my scores... EVER


how do u attack? looked in help not there