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Reviews for "Dragonrage"

Good Game!

Lots of fun and good time waster!
Simplistic and cartoonish art style lends to great 2D visuals.

The learning curve is well done. The monsters become more difficult at a good speed.

The drop rate of the items is good. However, food could be dropped a little more often. It would be good to know what the items offer before starting though. Perhaps you could have the "Help" page come once before playing. The walkthrough page you offer was a good touch too.

I like the idea of having the sub-floors. It would be great if they offered medals for this game.

Over all, well done. Fun and entertaining game.


it was nice ;D but not perfekt i wish a part 2
make it better than that :D

Well, that was very enjoyable to say the least..

The gameplay was very good and there was a great variety of power-up's.

But my main complaint is quite to the contrary of everybody else... I think the game was way to easy... I played for about 15 minutes until I got hit the first time, because there is nothing prohibiting you from dashing around all the time...

If you work on a sequel build in a cooldown-timer or something, that would make it even more addicting...

like the others said...

it IS kind of repetetive. on the other hand i felt the urge to get all those extra and secrets and the character's animation somehow reminded me of the fights in mystic quest for the snes ^^. and this subfloor thingie, hordes of monsters coming at you and button mashing reminded me somehow of deadly towers for the nes... except for deadly towers sucking really hard.


I runed out of items at 13 level and died...
I'd be very happy if there would be like reply button (not from the beginning)