Reviews for "zOMGies"


I played this game till about lvl 38 until i realized that this game seems to have no ending, got #2 on the leaderboards for today though, thats pretty cool. some weapons replace the use of other weapons which i kind of like because i was a pretty big fan of the smg types, but for a while there some of the weapons seemed a bit underpowered.

Great game

Great game. Is there no ending? On lvl 42 and I guess the game is looping again. Its cool that the game doesn't end but I still would of liked to see something to show that I "beat" it maybe at like lvl 35 or something before it continues on forever.

Those crawling zombies are annoying, they are so much better compared to any other zombie lol.

The weapons were really cool. I love these type of games where you are constantly getting new weapons, half the fun is trying the new ones out. The one complaint I have about the weapons I guess is that there's not really much reward, aside from early game, from going for headshots. I mean all these weapons shoot multiple zombies, have major splash effects, there's not really tactic for going from headshots, its all crowd control.

But great game overall.


Nice game!


good work its just perfect !

Holy crap i just noticed

That is the zombie death sound from terraria. When the zombies die. But anyway this game is a great shooter game i highly recommend this for people who like shooters.

Jimp responds:

damn, thats what you get for using stock sounds :)