Reviews for "zOMGies"

''heart pounding''

given 10/10 by rolling stones lol

Is this a FREE game?!

Dude, they really should make a wiiware game or something about this thing for real! I'd be ready to pay 10$ for this! And if you dont have that in mind, make a sequel! With different weapons, zombies and possibly a difficulty select. This difficulty was 100% for me! far from easy but not too hard :D

This game

It keeps me zoned and I couldnt stop, it's like a drug also I got 5th place in all time. Also can't wait to see another one of these.

Stupid People These Days.

idiots @ Hank and Atomic

Atomic, you should really play through the whole game first in order to make a review about it, x_X, makes you sound stupid when you suggest stuff that are already there.

Hank, everybody's entitled to their own opinion, so GTFO and stop trolling, who cares if you were at lvl 63? there's no point in continuing after you get the laser, only for bragging rights, and if you brag, you're a douche.
"Cus, i got 2 level 63 in this game,and i got all the weopons.And im sure everyone else did 2"
"And trust me, if u are a gud game player, u wud at least got 2 where im at"
[wow, what a hoe.]
P.S. if you have the time to complain about Atomic, shouldn't you have the time to at least type "You" instead of "U"?

Anywho, the game was awesome, I liked it :D
pwning zombies with a chainsaw every level is always fun
it always will be.
props to LongAnimals + Jimp P

Great game

It freakin awesome game, i think it would be great with like a levelling up system or something, you could level up your speed, damage stuff like that