Reviews for "zOMGies"

lool man .. nice title

nice choice of music too !! :D


Its simply aweomse for many reasons.
The guns keep you make playing. I was like OMG whats better than a chaingun and chain saw and then i got the laser. PWND zombies.
Played till the 46th level or so till my wrist gave up so no fault of game there. I hate the people who says the controls are bad, i found them perfectly fine.
i HATE the four legged ones. Man they get ahead of the pack and run you down those crazy bastards.
Over all an awesome game. Keep up the great work.

Jimp responds:

Awesome mate cheers for the review!

Quite awesome!

Let me just say that it's always a convienence when someone makes a game where it's so easy to get medals and the like! I started wondering whether or not the game has an end, but I guess it doesn't. It was nice how you had an infinite amount of continues (at least I think you did). I'm a huge fan of zombie games and this is another great addition to our collection! The animation was very well done as well as having a great feel. The sound/designs of the zombies were all great and it's nice again how it never ends.

Love it!

Simply put this is the best zombie shooter ive played! (on newgrounds)


You guys did GREAT on this game!! It is overall one of the GREATEST zombie games I've ever played on Newgrounds, and as it says in my summary, these are the kinds of zombie games we love, need, and get addicted to! This should've made game of the week, I'm "dead" serious! (heh, see what I did there, with the dead...cuzz they're zombies...heh.....oh come on!! My grandma thinks I'm funny!)

P.S.: I hope my grandma didn't lie to me.... :(