Reviews for "zOMGies"

Damm it

i keep dying but its good and challenging :D

Great Game

+1 For Music
+5 for Game
+3 for Graphics
+1 for Hardness
xD Haha it was really hard for me to ge past level 8. I must suck or something. :)
10/10 Great Game Dude!


This game is badass the running part is unique

Very Addicting .

This Game Is Very Addicting , I Spend Like Hours on This Game . I Was Looking Foward To The Medals , And The Medals Were Pretty Easy To Get Them , Good Job .

One of the Best Zombie Games on NewGrounds.

This has to be one of the superior Zombie Games on NewGrounds. Whats funnier that shooting the smart zombies behind you and the retarded ones in front of you while you are madly running throught the land of awsomeness.