Reviews for "zOMGies"

kinda hard...

i enjoyed this. the controls take some getting used to, the whole constantly running thing just didnt agree with my fingers XD

the biggest weakness for the player, is that you cant aim straight up, so that requires some fancy footwork to get around to a position that you can actually hit your enemies...

the gameplay was a bit hard, but not impossible, which is exactly how i like it, there wasnt anything wrong with the sound or graphics...
all in all a nicely made game ^.^
i enjoyed it.

and i think you should tweak some of the weapons.
or the order that you get them, for example,
the shotgun, its useless compared to the machine pistol.
same story with the assault rifle.
the flamethrower is nothing... i couldnt find a single practical use for it.
so i just passed it up.

but most of all was the bazooka...
the sniper rifle shreds through hoards of zombies... at this point im thinking what could be better than this?
then comes the bazooka...and im like OH HELL YES.
only to find that your better off throwing waterballoons.

the weps are good, but like i said, they need some tweaking.
and i died at lvl 21 so i didnt see the rest of them.


This game is fun,hard, and funny. They play kickball with your head when you die

Great game.

But I have a laptop, and aiming is impossible with a mousepad. Maybe add the the option to use WSAD to aim? Please?

Great zombie game

i loved this game the only thing i didnt like was no 360 aiming

great game!

It'd be nice if there was an ending though... A boss battle, perhaps?
Still, great game!