Reviews for "Guitar Hero Beta Test"

What a shame, I wanted to play a guitar hero-like game on newground... I have expected a better game. You could do better on this one.
Showing the arrow on the board instead to memorize it.

Once the control work and the game is playable, better start on graphic to make the game a better look.
The goal of the game is that it need to be workable, playable and entertaining.

Good luck on improving this game.

The list of solution

I like to playing Guitar Hero... Well, I have seen your game potential. Well, you maybe need to fix it up:

-Make a controls configurable
-Make a button effect when being press
-Add some backgrounds
-Add some music

I hope you make a better one next time... Thanks!
(I'm sorry, my English is suck!)

Controls only problem

Try making the controls configurable, other than that this has real potential and is doing pretty well for a beta.


I understand where you are trying to go with this. So it does has potential, maybe it would be like FFR .

But nice concept trying to convert the video game to the computer.

its good

but u have a minor problem needs music and controls suck