Reviews for "Guitar Hero Beta Test"

OK it is a test

not a song
short game and repetive

i hope that the real game will be asome

killer34578 responds:

read the description...

some advice

why use the arrow keys? improve the button scheme and add more color, then you will be getting somewhere

killer34578 responds:

I will, thanks for the review

Good start for a Guitar Hero game!

Nice and easy start of a new game. You should change the Controls to something much easier to understand like: Q W E R T or S D SPACE K L

And this may be the easy part. But wait for when you add Music. It will be alot more harder!

Good Luck ;)


killer34578 responds:

Thanks for giving me a good review instead of the crap most people say, I'll change the controls.
Maby you know some nice songs you want in the game?
Also thanks for the good luck.

Its confusing

Dude please draw the bottons whit arrows on them, its confuising i know its a beta but add music or sound effects. Thanks for the game.


plz change the pressing its wierd but nice work on the animation