Reviews for "Guitar Hero Beta Test"

I like the controls

I know, I'm probably one in a million. But these controls would be pretty good, just make it to where it shows what key to press for what note in game, make it less complicated. If you do change the controls later, at least have this as an option

its ohkay..

its pretty good, but the controls are totaly retarded
other than that its drawn good and it works, im shure itll be awesome when its finished

not half bad

the flaws are insane though. Quert or 12345 would be a great contol layout, and a strum bar could be replicated by a delete-backslash useage (so that the up and down strumming could work for fast streaks of notes.) A BG would help, as well as some designing for the notes and receptors. some good songs would work to, i've got a list for some work i've been doing. Maybe we could collab?

yeah, sorta

First of all, why aren't the controls lined up like the colors? Make it 12345, or qwert, or seomthing like that. Something obvious and intuitive. Second of all, the lack of a response when you get a correct note, like a color change or sound, takes away from the satisfaction. Thirdly, it has no music. But you already know this. I'm just saying it to explain why I can't really review even a beta of a rhythm game without music. all I have to review are the sub-par controls.


It's nice, but of course I can't give you any bigger score cause of the 'flaws'.

Of course, music and sounds will be extremely necessary, and I suggest the same thing as Mrsteroids and some others, 1 2 3 4 5 instead of the current keys, I was really confused even at this speed.

But it's drawn great, I think it'll be very good when you finish it. ;)