Reviews for "Guitar Hero Beta Test"


plz change the pressing its wierd but nice work on the animation

The list of solution

I like to playing Guitar Hero... Well, I have seen your game potential. Well, you maybe need to fix it up:

-Make a controls configurable
-Make a button effect when being press
-Add some backgrounds
-Add some music

I hope you make a better one next time... Thanks!
(I'm sorry, my English is suck!)

Good start for a Guitar Hero game!

Nice and easy start of a new game. You should change the Controls to something much easier to understand like: Q W E R T or S D SPACE K L

And this may be the easy part. But wait for when you add Music. It will be alot more harder!

Good Luck ;)


killer34578 responds:

Thanks for giving me a good review instead of the crap most people say, I'll change the controls.
Maby you know some nice songs you want in the game?
Also thanks for the good luck.

its good

but u have a minor problem needs music and controls suck

I like the controls

I know, I'm probably one in a million. But these controls would be pretty good, just make it to where it shows what key to press for what note in game, make it less complicated. If you do change the controls later, at least have this as an option