Reviews for "Guitar Hero Beta Test"

the speed

if you notice its bumpy, you made a cicle with the 1st keyframe equal to the last, so it plays the same frame twice, which makes the frets stop and come bumpy. Either that or you used a fade out tween, killing the continuity of the movement.

use better keys in the next test/full version.

as other said

we should use maybe the 1,2,3,4,5 key instead of space bar and arrow

no strum? not very realistic

add a background! white is ugly.

ur beta was kinda easy =) not complaining but i should have added a difficult part

(playing expert on real guitar hero )

and finally... keep working! i'm sure itll be a decent game when its done

awesome comcept- but unfinished

it'll be a good game when it's finished, but for now it should go in the NG alphas section.

I'd have to agree with diskman2009- a row of 5 consecutive keys on the keyboard will be the best option for the controls.

sound fx & music is a "must have" for this kind of game...
i'll ask you nicely- please??
(i'd love to see this wired into the audio portal!!!!!)

also i'd reccomend(?) looking into some visuel effect's too.


Not bad. Might be a better idea to change the arrow keys and space bar to letters on the key bored that are all next to each other in a line. I kept pressing the wrong key. Or have a little hovering icon that correlates each color to each key.

I look forward to seeing this with some music attached :).

killer34578 responds:

thanks for the review, I work on it

Needs Sound

Guitar hero games need sound is the MUST for them and theres no challenge the colours come so slow that you have more than enough time to think of what key to press.

killer34578 responds:

the speed, its just for trying to make the buttons work not for a real song