Reviews for "magical-zorse adventure"


We're awesome, really.
That was absolutely beautiful.

But to be more specific, you've improved
a lot since The Fab Collab. I'm impressed. :)
I've watched it a couple of times already,
top notch, chief.

kg. <3

turtleco responds:

glad you liked it cheify.
I wouldn't be where I am today without the fab collab :D

I think I've watched it like 12 times already.

it definitely is some top notch stuff :D


well that was random and weird but awesome!i loved the song in the replay menu

turtleco responds:


yeah, thanks for the review. Glad you liked the song.

Very surprising

I must say, you surprised me a lot with this submission. In truth i thought this was jsut going to be an animation of a horse humping a zebra or vice-versa. Instead, you gave me an enetertaining and thoroughly random viewing pleasure, Thank you!


turtleco responds:

pleasure.... mm.....

well I'm glad I surprised you, and entertained you...

smiley face...


Look at my Zorse- My zorse is AMAZING!
Give it a lick...

NO! Don't do it Charleeey, noooooooo~ NO Charley! CHARLEEY! Chaaaarleeeey...

And that's what your animation screamed to me. But the original randomness of your magical Zorse gets a 9/10 and 4/5 :D

turtleco responds:

that's wonderful

Entertaining and adorable

This was pretty much in the range of cartoons I'd see from you. The animation style and plot theme was pretty much the exact same as K-Guare's birthday. I think the group of characters that put in it (Magical zorse, sevenseize, K-Guare and you) are all pretty adorable and iconic characters to represent yourselves. The only major character design problems you have made was that the text on K-Guare's screen was pretty hard to read. And I just don't think a velociraptor fits in with 3 other characters that are in comparison a lot smaller and innocent looking.

The plot of this very basic and didn't have a whole lot of develpoement in it I like how it started so incredibly simple with jsut a white blob on a white background which really made the rest of this really unpredictable. But the rest of it where Magical Zorse just floated around with your little narration was kind of mediocre. It didn't really have anything to amaze me storywise in the whole movie. But it was still cute and had fairly simple characters and backgrounds so maybe you were just going for something rough and cute.

The animation was awesome. All of it was very smooth. And the effects you put in like the spaceship and the war machine gun thing got a laugh out of me. The only fault I found with it was that you had to be lazy and make Magical zorse float around by tweening rather than animating him walking. The backgrounds were fairly pleasing too.

The sound effcts were great and I thought it was wonderful how your created some of them like the wind with your mouth and with a sound effects making program. And how most of them had a old video game theme to go along with the music.

turtleco responds:

if I could explain the thought process to my flash, I would. Really, there wasn't much of a thought process, so I went with I saw fitting.

as far as the whole laziness of the animation, you are kind of right, I could have made a walk cycle and turned it into a movie clip and cycled it. I actually shoud've. But I thought it was fitting for magical-zorse to float, I was wrong, but I still went with it.

oh and to explain why sevenseize was so big, I just wanted an abrupt ending, it was also kindof a starwars reference. You know, when chewbaka roars right before the credits? yeah it was stupid, but I went through with it, so HAH!

backgrounds: I could've worked on them

uh... and yeah, you should seriously check out that sound effects program, I love it.