Reviews for "magical-zorse adventure"

yes... indeed.

my cock is on fire. Just thought you'de like to know turtleco...

turtleco responds:

okay, best to put it out...

hmmmmmmmm ...

well it was well structured n stuff.

but i sure aint happy 'bout that fatal movie mistake!!!!
isn't the turtle supposed to reboot after the dinosaur hit the scene?

i mean .. in that way - zorse would've made all of his deliberations
for nothin, right?

that how i got it.

ya well ... maybe i'm wrong!

turtleco responds:

the turtle... reboot..? I am confused


ziz iz amazing and i mean ze awezome ztyle of amazing
zorry my "5" key iz broken...

turtleco responds:

lol, this has to be my favorite review ever. Well, here is a working S key just for you.

Dunno why people are calling this lazy

The animation is actually nicely done. The art style reminds me of something that might be drawn either on the back of a binder or as a doodle in a sketchbook. Which isn't a put-down. I quite like it.

turtleco responds:

it's funny because I draw a lot on the back of my binder or notebook.


lol, that was awesome.

turtleco responds:

awesome that was.