Reviews for "magical-zorse adventure"

I can't say I understand

But comprehension is overrated anyway. Loved it, good job.

turtleco responds:


(get it?) :DDDD

Great Keep Up The Work!

This was pretty awesome. I loved the narration and the bursting effects. Just wish it could have been alittle longer and more story behind it.

turtleco responds:

psh... 1 month of work ain't good enough for ya? :D

I guess I could've made a comprehensible story, but Magical-zorse deserves better than that.


one word WHAT THE FUCK!!!

turtleco responds:

that's three words...


really random but funny

turtleco responds:

funny, but random. Really!

hanks for the review palinskee


excellent job. I really enjoyed everything about this, that ending was very funny! And, that narrator was also excellent, and the part when he fought in the war made me freakin' lol so much! Also great music at the replay button scene, it sounded very great. And I once heard it then I saw an entry and I saw this so I should review on this. The sounds of the machine gun were very funny lol. I kept on laughing and laughing for hours. But I already got over that.

Ok so, Magical zorse is my favorite author, I loved his Seven's Second Adventure and now I love this too! I also like you, too. Your animations are very awesome and I keep on freakin' replaying them and now it made me watched you almost 100 times. But I wanted them too be even longer, I just love your animations. I just watched Dr. Seuess' Horton Hears a who and now I watched this? This day is even happier. And today is my lucky day is because I didn't go to school today so that makes me even happier.

The sound effects are very great especially the machine gun one. Now I wish I had a better internet though because it's freakin' making it freeze up and now I'm fucking stuck, but now I could write a review in Microsoft Words and then when it freakin' stop freezing I can post it. And now it's a bad day it's because my freakin' dogs are getting bitchy on me by biting something special which is my Wii and once he pooped on it but now let's continue on this review. Magical zorse, Seven seize, and you are my new favorite. It was also nice to put Magical zorse in one of your animations. Like, if I had flash I would do that too. So they can be happy and add it to their favorites.

It's a very entertaining animation and I will vote this submission a "4" everyday. Other than that, the graphics were also great, it really looked great because Magical Zorse is awesome if he looks like that, and it was awesome because I love horses or whatever their called but it was very awesome. The machine gun, lol'd over 2 hours! It was pretty awesome because the space ship had great graphics and awesome sounds and it kind of made me laugh too because it randomly came out of no where so that was too funny than I started to laugh. Keep up the great work!

I hope you loved and enjoyed my review! And congratulations on your Front Page. You really deserved it.

turtleco responds:

thanks for that review I really enjoyed it.

I'm glad you enjoyed my movie