Reviews for "magical-zorse adventure"

Oh dear...

I'm not sure what just happened, but that Zorse may have stolen my virginity...and I don't how.....

turtleco responds:

mind rape?

I lol'ed

It's not amazing, but it is funny. I like random stuff, and this would fall under what I would think of as suitable random. If it's random it's gotta be funny, and I loved when the Zorse was twirling the gun, I wouldn't mind having that as a gif.

turtleco responds:

I'll make that gif for ya, with or without the explosions?


I wasn't expecting that... i mean... it was so.. stupid that it actually made me laugh! xD (thinking: what kind of guy could make such a movie xD)

turtleco responds:

well a very intelligent and handsome person would be the kind of person to make such a movie, in my opinion.

lazy but ok

pretty lazy nice bit of tweening there but some parts u went frame by frame but the floating zebra make him walk would show a bit of smooth animation or if he is floating a bit of weight to him arms swinging or something but yeh it was clean though not bad.

turtleco responds:

well then he wouldn't of been magical, now would he?

pretty cool

magical-zorse, eh? like people said, it was random but fun to watch
it kind of reminded me of James the Zebra just by the looks of it, if you made reference to that i could be funny :p

turtleco responds:

you should go to magical-zorses account, he is an awesome person.