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Reviews for "Applez"

The game just plays too slowly and awkwardly for my taste. I like the fattening concept, and the achievements are clever. It seems to be a pretty straightforward platformer.

However, using fat as a concept automatically also utilizes slow as a concept, and that frustrated me to no end while playing it. The hitboxes of things were also shoddily done; the downward mashing dowels, for example, don't act as walls if you try to walk past them while down...they still somehow hurt you. There were also lots of glitches. The screen wouldn't quite follow my character, hitboxes would be messy, I'd land on a cat only to miss, I'd miss a cat only to bounce up as if I hit it...all of these were minor individually, but do add up.

It rapidly moved from humorous to tedious gameplay, and just wasn't my cup of tea for a game. As a parody of medals and a momentary amusement, it has some value, I guess.

Reminds me of myself when he's fat. ovo xD
Great game-- needs a 2nd.

i dig it, make a second?

nice drawing at begning


Look. I want to like this game. I really do. The art is somewhat good-looking, the apple eating concept is funny, and harmless looking cats caper as enemies. But...

Glitches. Glitches are everywhere. I can easily tell that not much attention was paid to detail.

The hit-boxes on the axes are far ahead of the artwork. I was hit many times by axes even though my character's artwork and the ax's artwork never intercepted.

You can clip inside things and then be propelled to the top of them. Sometimes, this is even necessary, as some platforms are place too high to reach without doing otherwise. This is ridiculous.

I was unable to defeat the cat-god boss. While able to reach the area as skinny, I could not do it when fat, as I did not bounce as high and could not make it over the obstacle. Another issue with the cat-god boss is that sometimes, too many missiles spawn. If you die and come back to the area where you need to begin to ascend the platforms, two missiles will spawn. One is too high to jump over, the other is too low and will hit you. Also, sometimes when you are on top, missiles can come from the bottom of the screen and hit you. When you are fat, there is no way to avoid this, as your character moves so slowly.

An incredibly overrated and broken game that has a lot of potential. It just needs to be polished.