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Reviews for "Applez"

The graphics are so cute, even when you are literally vomiting on the ground.

Never knew apples could be so fun, or make you so fat!

My initial impression of this game was it seemed a bit sloppy, with things like a mute button the first splash screen, but on second thought it's actually really useful to have one there right away; not wait until the menu for stylistic reasons only... and the more you play the more thorough everything feels. Levels are balanced in difficulty and accomplishment. Progress is slow but fueling. It's one of those games that feels difficult but not unnecessarily so. That forces you to keep improving, and have fun while you do, with a limited but so very well-balanced set of stages to play on along the way. Really can't find a single bug or half-assed element. It's perfect. Great game.


the stars changed of color?

uh not bad nor good


So this was actually pretty fun game I like the idea of this game, the "ART" is prety fresh and smooth and the energy inh the game is great, the "MEDALS" made this even more fun you have made for a really fun and entertaining game. no reall changes needed its an entertaining game as is and needs no changes, anyways great game.

no reall changes needed its an entertaining game as is and needs no changes