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Reviews for "Applez"

I Dunno

What it is but i just fall i love with these types of games there catchy and just click with a gamer like me. so thank you for an awesome game and all those medals :P

Pretty Fun

As a fan of retro games, I found this to be somewhat enjoyable. Challenging, yet fun at the same time. The only thing I didn't like, however, was the music. After awhile, it started to get repetitive, and eventually needed to be muted. Aside from that minor nitpick, the game was fun, and I could definitely see myself giving it another playthrough or two.

Nice :)

Good at first..

but after playing it a while it seems like its never ending and it starts to melt your brains, but you cant stop because you need all the medals and im not going to play this game twice all the way thru


When you are looking at the achievements, when you move the mouse it goes back to the level.

pretty good

pretty good but i cant get past the cat god