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Reviews for "Applez"

The gold bounce

you want the medal jump magic jump ? then heres a clue : its on level 10


apples make you fat? thats a lie, isnt it? oh no, its true! *must kill myself* *died*

Preeeety good

There were some glitches and got hard really fast, but overall it was a good game.

things i learn from this game

1 slime cats are bouncy
2 jesus will not let you die
3 apples put people fat


Honestly, I can't even continue to play this game. FAR too many glitches. I'm not using IE either. Where do I even begin.

There's no invulnerability for even a SECOND after you get hit, so usually instead of just taking one damage, it glitches or you can't get out and either totally die, or lose WAY more health then you rightfully should.

The level select screen is toast. I can't get it to work at all. It just randomly selects the same level no matter what I click, or if I click at all. It's like it gives you 1 second and then just picks level 3 or something. What's up with that?

Certain aspects of levels would change randomly...regardless of if I had done anything. I started a level once, and a bridge was down, so I kept running. The next few times I started the bridge was up for some reason, with no button to activate it and no way I could even continue leaving suicide the only option.

The second secret is glitched. I even googled a walkthrough. I knew how to get it, and had done so twice before. The door won't open.

This exact same music was in escape from Pico's school so not really all that original and gets old really fast, especially with this many glitches and terrible gameplay.

I'm sorry but playing this was just not an enjoyable experience for me at all. Far too many issues that I'm seeing need fixed. I like the concept for the game, and it looks like a decent amount of effort was put into creating these levels, but like I said before I doubt I'll play this again or recommend this to anyone ever.