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Reviews for "Applez"

cool XD

O_O Is the old man SANTA ?!

Nice game dude

Lol i threw up on the princess :P

Nice but encountered a glitch

So I beat the game, and it says 'The End' but it put me to level 5.
Like I hear different music (assuming its your credit bgm) but Im stuck in level 5.
If I hit 'achievements' or 'level select' it might show that screen for a split second and restart me to level 5. I think its a bug, it just loops you to the same place. Anyway, Great game (although frustrating at times)!


i actully got past level four

awesome game

i made to the level when you had to figure it out yourself,
to beat level 4, when your fat go on the bounce pad and make sure it lands on the cat after that, you will bounce to the other pad to the other side