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Reviews for "The Company of Myself"

just amazing

Oh my god, that twist. I wont spoil it but wow. I love the game, with nice graphics, mechanics and gameplay. The puzzles were cool and made you think while not being too difficult. also,thanks for the medals.

This game tells an amazing story about the way people work, and the music is amazing and perfectly aligned with the gameplay and story, and it even gives a reason why the game can be played more than once! (the ending) ((bonus points for that)) The puzzles were well designed as well.


This awesome game reminds me of another game on here called "This is the Only Level". This game operates similarly to that game. "The Company of Myself" has great graphics, a deep storyline, applicable musical background with sometimes subtle changes, and a thought-provoking/engaging gameplay. I like the way the first two game medals look, they suit the atmosphere of the game's environment. I really like this! :D

my computer is so slow... I cant even enjoy the game.