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Reviews for "The Company of Myself"


So First off you really put some effort into This Game and it keeps my interest, And thats a possitive, so props there on that part of the effort, So I did not get bored easily wich I can tend to do in some game, but with this one you did ok, so its a good presentation, nice all around. I was facinated with everything here, now some parts could be better and there could be some new ideas and adjustments, but ill explain that later. But anyways onto the game its fun I like the medals, the idea of this game, the "GRAPHICS" were really deep in texture, and that "MUSIC" was cool a really good game you have here.

onlything I could see you doing here would be some more medals and more levels.



I have played this before and I must say this a classic among browser games. One of best puzzle games ever.

What I like most about this game is how ridiculous and impossible some of the last levels seem at start, but how they become solvable with quite some thought and patience - and as for last level - luck. Surely a hardcore puzzle game, one of the hardest there is. Also remains fun even when difficult.

Both visuals and the story also add a lot to the immersion.

Only drawback - there is no fullscreen, so immersion is not perfect.

That story... wow, I wasn't expecting that! This took the whole two-player mechanic thing to a whole new level the way it weaves in the plot, and playing as multiple characters even when you're only the one... it's not without reason, apparently! A game very well-done, script, sound and all, it seems so simple at first but starts can be deceiving! Sucks you in, too. Just couldn't leave until the end, and then until the credits rolled, and then... well I guess it's really over.


Damn, thats deep. Its very good, cool sprites too