Reviews for "Seven's Second Adventure"

not bad, but no good.

its not to bad of a game. it just needs to have the ability to RUN.


Why would anyone even bother to just walk around like that seemingly aimlessly? Why don't you put effort into something that could actually qualify as a game?


that's cool

very good ^^

very good game really enjoyed! and for those who are saying it is crpa because of the five minutes achiviment...do something else while waiting ¬¬

Magical-Zorse responds:

people these days are so impatient

Failed Gameplay

I'm okay with the oldschool graphics, and the music is not half bad either. However, I can't rate a game highly when I beat it by walking in circles until the closing screen. There is no need to ever use your inventory or even read the dialogue. Maybe if you put in a puzzle or two it would require some thought. However, what we have here is a game that requires no thought, no action, no reflexes; just patience that shouldn't be required of us.