Reviews for "Seven's Second Adventure"

What The...

Click on play AND NOBODY COULD WALK LIKE THAT!!!!!!!!!


This game was slow, unchallenging and boring.
The only thing good about it was that it was cute.

You just walked left and right, the map was long and unlooped and there were parts of the map that didn't even serve no purpose, the only challenge was maybe remembering who wanted what.

This game was so boring I actualy read read the reviews while I was walking to somewhere, the least that you could have done was animate someone so, for example, when you brought him their ice cream they woudl be holding it.

Its a little long but kind of cute

Its pretty cool to start, (although it took a while for me to realise that my right arrow button was stuck down) the people and graphics are cute, and I loved the spongebob scene at the end of the sea <3 although it takes a looong time to compleat, and it gets a bit dull after a while.

Boring and long. But good try at all.

It is boring. And repetitive. All the game is going through the city, the mountains and the jungle giving things and receiving other things, and then, look for someone that needs that thing.
The 85% of the medals are easy to find.
But if this is your first try (or your second) it is good.
But, come on, you can do something better.


this flash is crunk fo shizzle

i agree with plume-of-darkness it is like a zelda game...............but im a zelda fan. but you could have made a movie to go with the credits. or a slideshow like i make but never post because people probably wouldnt like them anyways.........it would have been best to have done a movie with him at his concert playing his guitar.