Reviews for "Seven's Second Adventure"


Great use of characters and music. I felt very satisfied finding John's pick! The medals made me laugh too lol.

Loved it.

Wow, great job. I promised to review on this on Thursday but I loved the game so I wanna review now. And guess what? Look what I wrote on my notebook yesterday:

Review these awesome and terrific games on Thursday (Today I will review them. This also doesn't count what I said on my notebook lol):

Seven's Second Adventure (This game is totally awesome!)
Toxic R. 2 (Loved it! I also loved the thing when he puts the story on the description lol!)

I loved music(s) so much! I heard of almost all of them! Since I was listening to 8-Bit shit again, it said there were some entries that had the music so I clicked it and decided to review. Anyway, the graphics were great and it looked like the game "Dino Run." In fact, I've seen you reviewing in lots of places. You're probably a famous new grounder lol!

Nice medals man, I'm pretty much trying to get the medal, "AWSHUM" so I get lots of medal points but I don't think it works. Lol, the medals should say "SLOW POKE" or "SLOW READER" instead of "AWSHUM" but lol hey this is your game. If you are going to respond, I am going to be REAL happy. It's because I love people who makes games like this so if someone responds, you know I'm gonna cry and celebrate.

Super great job! (3-5):
- The graphics were great.
- The music(s) were very awesome! Thanks for adding great music.
- Nice medals.
- Congratulations on your Front Page. *Sniff* *Sniff*
- Awesome game!

Extremely Crappy (0-2)
(There is nothing crappy about this game. The only thing that's crappy is the 0-3 reviewers. :D)

So, here are some medals:

NOT COOL: Try to read the instructions really fast or just don't read the instructions by skipping those pages.

CAN'T REMEMBER WHAT ITEMS YOU HAVE?: Just click A then you receive the medal.

LOOK, WE MADE A GAME!: It is not in the game, just go to the menu screen and press credits with your mouse.

YOU READ THE DIRECTIONS?: Just press M to mute the music.

AWSHUM: Don't read the instructions over 5 minutes. Easy!

We're people too: It is not in the game, just go to the menu screen and click bios and just keep on clicking the arrow lots of times then there, you received the medal.

CHANNEL SEVEN WEATHER REPORT: Go to bios, and click on SevenSeize's right foot or left. Lol, I don't know which one. But just feel both of his foot and then click any foot.

Plant love: Click on Vince's nose. He doesn't have one but look for it.

FETCH: I don't know yet, but I'll try to find later on. Sorry if you wanted that medal so much! I am just a guy with a dick. That's it. Lol that doesn't really sound right.

So, pretty much this is a long review. But I will continue this review until I get to only 900 characters remaining! So, like I said, this was a really great game and I am waiting for a sequel and I am also proud you made a sequel because I've always been waiting for awesome games that has some sequels. So I have a little more to get to 900 characters remaining, so keep up the awesome work guys!


This is the end of my review, keep up the awesome work and I hope you love and enjoy this review a lot! Make sure you're going to respond! I love awesome people responding to long reviews like mines. So once again bye and keep up the awesome work!

- X Atomic Boy X (I hate my username lol. But I don't care! Bye!)

Magical-Zorse responds:

Yikes, this is a long review, but thanks for taking the time to write it!
Also, I don't know how you see a lot of my reviews because I rarely ever review stuff, and if I ever do it's stuff by my friends/people I like.
Or maybe you were talking about sevenseize, but I don't think she reviews stuff too often.
anyway, this is a super cool review and now it rocks because I responded to it!


FIVE minutes for two slides of intstructions....


Magical-Zorse responds:

I'm just trying to torture you


Fun little timewaster. But I agree, the movement speed seemed a little slow.

Also, I lol'd when I saw the bikini bottom part.

Magical-Zorse responds:

It's a good thing sevenseize put that part in just so you could get your jollies.


game was kool (the secret movie is to click on seven's right shoe in the bios)
The hidden flash go to vinces bio and click where his nose should be LOL

K :D