Reviews for "Seven's Second Adventure"

not cool dude!!!!!!!!

sorry man its boring

Magical-Zorse responds:

that's cool


Sorry, man, but this game is horrible!

All you ever do is walk around for hours, then someone takes an item from you and gives you another one. And it goes on till the end of the game. Also the music is BAD and the graphics are horrible (nothing against pixelated graphics, love them, but I don't like the graphics of this game).

The worst thing is that it actually went to the front page once. I do hope you make a decent game next time!

okay so how to get

teh secret movies ?


fun but boring at the same time

Extremely boring game

It takes nothing in order to beat this game. You spend the entire game pressing the arrow keys. There's no interactivity. You dont even need to read what the people are saying because they automatically take and give items as soon as you pass them. There's not even any need for the inventory since they take and give the items themselves.

I also thought the speed of walking was too slow and the music was repetitive and annoying. And yes I know there is a mute button. In my mind this game was a waste of 10 minutes and I thought it could have been better.

Maybe next time you could try putting some mini-games in. Perhaps 1 or 2 alternative songs to listen to. And maybe the option to say Yes or No to giving someone an item. And a little more animation wouldn't hurt.