Reviews for "Seven's Second Adventure"

Easy, fun medals

Thank you, good sir.

Fun ^^

I always liked these games where you walk around and trade items for another item until you get what you want. The game was easy, had catchy music, and very nice pixel graphics. Now I must prepare for the Hurricane D:

Very nice, but nothing original... 8/10 4/5

Pretty funny though.

Long. Tedious. Boring. Repetitive. Rewarding.

These 5 words describe this game.

It's Long. That speaks for itself.

It's Tedious, because you have to do a lot of backtracking. The kind that is usually associable with Legend of Zelda games.

It's Boring. You just find 2 items left on the ground, and proceed to find a person who conveniently needs that item, and who gives you another item that is conveniently needed by another person, and so on. That's it.

Repetitive. You do the exact same thing over the entire game without any variation. See above.

Rewarding. It has plenty of medals, most of which are easy to get.

...So yeah. It's pretty uninspired, but it's not a terrible game by any means. At least it got you thinking a bit. I'd say the best parts were the medals (which were probably the main reasons this got a frontpage) and the pixel-style graphics. Other than that... well...

not good

ok but a long ass waiting gameuntil u finish