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Reviews for "The Last Village"


It got a 10 because of the fit Native American girl in the load scene.

Good game

Needs some tweaking, but overall its a pretty good game.

Problems with the game....WAY too repetitive. Very little difference from the first battle you play and the last battle you play. Upgrades were pretty unclear, hard to know how much an upgrade would help you and therefore its a guessing game which upgrade is worth it. And upgrades were unbalanced..little reason to get market fair value and tower defense/offense for example.

"Pillaging gold" is pretty broken, too hard to get gold without it, too easy to get a ton of gold by rushing a thousand units down one line in an easy battle. Potions were overpowered....too easy when you use a potion and too hard late game when you don't have a potion.

Virtually no penalty for losing a battle. And you're pretty much forced to keep all your heroes together which made things less boring.

Overall the game is still pretty good, however if these problems were fixed in a sequel this game would be so much better.

i like it

the graphics are great and so is the interface. but the problem lies wiht the fact that once your soldiers get to the end of the map they disappear and you cant use them again while your generals stand back and only do something when no soldiers are out as well as the fact that the enemy produces more troops faster and the attacks come one ever turn or more and leaves no time to prepare and the gold from markets are no were near sufficient but dispite this it was good enough for a 7/10 but a simple mod will fix all of these such as once they leave the map they add back onto your reserve or they go to a base and attack that making it easier to win a battle. also more generals or an ability to make more would be great.

Cool game

The game is interesting and the depth of the game is good, and it can keep you going for several minutes. But the game becomes repetitive for a while. You can make the game harder by removing the magic potion, because as long as you have some in stock, you just need the gunner commander to go to battles with the potion without the need of using any troops, thus, making the game a lot easier. The technology is also useless. More buildings will be helpful, and making an army from scrap would be much more challenging (rather than having a preset army)

To Ravenwind137:

To increase population, build tents on places on the map with the tent icon.

Intresting game...

I had some difficulties; for example, I wanted to increase my population, but their was no explanation; perhaps a guide for how to effectively use the barracks, temple, etc. would make it a little easier; I like how the individual commanders use unique weaponry. Music got repetitive by day 32.

All in all, fun and innovative game.