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Reviews for "The Last Village"


Very nice game.
The game takes ages though.

There should be more games with Native Americans

The music seems out of place. You placed techno music with a western/oldie-times themed game, it's kinda odd. It's a little slow because it's turn based, but its somewhat fun.

Excellent Game

With excellent story line and grapics and well..everything really. It also really shows the Native American hardships and that they didn't have it as easy as everyone says. The only thing is that it is extremely difficult and hard to keep up with weapons and making sure everyone survives yet still having enough to defend your tribe, which makes it a little frustarating at times.

Great art, gameplay, and originality.

This game obviously has ALOT of effort put into it. The art is great, the gameplay is solid, not one glitch found.

The only problem is that they should suggest what buildings to start out with. Whe. n i first played, i made a temple and a blacksmith, then bought a lot of weapons. I had no idea you could make resource building, i thought it came naturally. Kind of like Warcraft 3. Where you would just click the gold mine and they would just go.

But all in all, Very, Very solid. Amazing Work.

boring beceause the game is long . . . .

Life line. .