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Reviews for "The Last Village"

I like da game as far as this,,,,,,

i liked da fact dat u made a great strategy game as far as battles and all the other things that make dis an stg its an all around great game no matter sum of da udder douchebags' opinions

nice game

keep up the good work and i hope u make more thankz for the game btw =)

i like this game very in depth and comprehensive

i thought this game was magnificent especially for a flash the music was very good the theme of the game seemed very original at first i thought it may not be such a good game i was astonished by the art work as well not only did it look so good but they almost seemed human like with skin tones as well very nice 10/10 keep up the good work i see very good things for you in the game industry possibly i`ll be expecting to seem more of your work some time soon

It was a nice thought, but it did get boring..

I dont like the controls, the game too drawn out, about the only thing I liked about it thoroughly was the music.


I dont get this game