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Reviews for "The Last Village"

75 days??

i dont understand how you can play this game for 75 days its great for around the 1st 10 days, this game is soo repetative and hard to understand yeh i can see where the thought went into but needs a re fab despretly....play this game because it is worth playing but this game aint a keepa

Liked the language selection.

Overall an awesome game, and I really liked how you could select languages, I speak english myself, but most flash games don't consider more than one language when making it, I give kudos for that!


best strategy game on newgrounds!

Aww what the hell?

Aw god, it seems like such an awsome game. Sucks it just gives me a white screen. Why isn't it loading, even if I refresh?
Meh, I'm sure it's great, from the description. Maybe it was too epic to be displayed on my computer o.O. 10/10


it was fun it killed a few minutes could have been better but overall it was cool