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Reviews for "The Last Village"

Very nice

There is nothing more that i could say to help complete the critique. It's a good game well balance, graphic, art it's great and the music is in place. Keep up the good work.


i won! finally! after hours of game play! i won!!!

really good

No offense to Tyrandos666, but I found this is as a very suitable flash game to be online and not overly complicated. It has its fault, but it still I think many internet gamers like this game. Try not to say that 80% of people that play flash games are morons.
What I like about this game is that the computer does not generate troops to a point where it is an unfair disadvantage, it is always possible to win. The gameplay is pretty good, nice and simple, not complicated at all. The concept of having a general command a special type of unit was very interesting and helped give the game a little bit more of a challenge. In my opinion the pacing of the computer's difficulty was pretty good. It does not rise too fast and it does not get too easy.
My biggest problems with game were the map navigation, and the resource management. With the map navigation since there was a mini map on the top left i wish i could just click on where i wanted to go instead of bringing up the map again to chose where you want to go again. It's just one unnecessary step.
You can have the big map, but maybe put an extra button to bring it up. This is my biggest problem with the game, the resource management. At first I did not know how much resources I was getting each turn. I also did not know that you need to go over the resource building to see how much it was producing. Next time add in the resource tab how much of each resource the player produces. And for the building's upgrade info add in how much resources it will produce after it is upgraded.
Overall this game is really fun and a lot of work was really put into it. I didn't mind the music or SFX to me they were just average, but it helps the game. The game does not really suffer from any of the problems I stated above, they are just things I think would help streamline the experience for the player. Just improve on this idea and it could be a really good internet game.
8/10 is still good it reduces to a 4/5 so its an above average game

Well done!

My indians were all like "BAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!" and the cowboys were all like "GAAAAAAAAAHHH!!" and the general was all like "I'm the Juggernaut BI---!!!"

But in all seriousness, the computer's generation of troops wasn't bad, I can't tell if it's preset or if the composition of each wave changes- and it makes the need to quickly change from focusing on building resources to building and improving troops at what I feel is appropriate times during the game.

The concept of the game-saving potions and the need to keep one of your most useful (in terms of the instant-heal all ability) generals running around the map was an interesting one at that. It was a little confusing at first trying to navigate around and it wasn't until my 3rd try at the game that I even realized I could move more than one general each turn.

I'm on my way to beating it- or at least seeing how far I can make it, but the enemy level scales are somewhat difficult to keep up with once they get 40 to 50 deep- the resource difference of the food in terms of it's cost as well as the production increases for everything but lumber tend to make thinking your way around problems a bit different as well.

All in all a lot of work put into it and it's a really great game. One army producing one unit type making you juggle where and when you want them plus the ability to trap and fight on areas that aren't your village center or walls only was a nice touch. Keep up the good work.

Good Concept but needs a looot of work

I liked the idea of generals for each class but the freaking markeeet dude why just 6 buttons i guess that if the market had a multiplier for transactions i could had been better.
Good game.....