Reviews for "Inculcation"

I mean its okaayyyyyyy .....

well, its ok.. lol

Amazing! The plot twist at the end was great, I really didn't expected that when I played the game. I assume that I jumped a little when the non-human thing came out of the closet in the bedroom. This is a game I would play more than 5 times a day.
Sadly, with all the fun I had playing it, I got an F grade. What a shame.
5/5 and take this extra star *

Niiiiiice plot twist..u sure ur name isn;t M Night Shamalan

Best flash horror game. It scared me a lot and I quited the first time I played it when the clown appeared. Yes guys, if you wait so much, AN EVIL CLOWN APPEARS! watch out...
Sorry for the creepypasta. ;3

great game, I recomended it to many of my friends ;D