Reviews for "Inculcation"

Game scared the shit out of me. Well done!

Very good I must say.

It IS a great flash game; hard to come by an interesting survival-horror submission that actually makes you jump and engrosses you. Only problem is I get suspicions with most of these games, and 99% of the time I see, hear, or read something that confirms it - and yours is unfortunately no exception... "There was a hole here, but it's gone now".

If you're clearly influenced by games like Silent Hill, it would be a good idea to give credit where it's due right from the start, especially when it comes to using direct quotes from specific titles.

The worst part about this kind of thing is when players are awestruck at a concept or style which is pretty much itself ripped off.

Ransom responds:

Thanks for the review. In the game description I've actually specified that the game is inspired by Silent Hill, Resident Evil and Exmortis. ;)

Argh... stuck. I have no idea how to get Green Clock Hand :(

P.S. Walkthrough don't want to open ;(

A very very good game. I loved it from start to finish its awesome this is one of the best flash games I ever played :D