Reviews for ""Earthbound""

I was not impressed...

Graphics: I gave you a six because your graphics were true to the original graphics of the game, your animations could have been alot smoother, however.
Style: I gave your style a five because it was just the average, run-of-the mill animation style we all expect from SNES sprites and backgrounds, but I was really disappointed when I saw objects moving through the "theatrical" screen.
Sound: A five because you used average, expected media. Enough said.
Violence: A two, because you tried. That could have been a very funny scene, where Andonuts cut Ness' scrotum off, but you chose to black out the surgery. Hmmm... Now that I think about it, maybe blacking it out wasn't such a bad idea.
Interactivity: A zero, because I had no hand in how the movie played out, of course, it is a movie.
Humor: A four, simply because the humor was entirely too mediocre and cheesy for me.
Overall: A four. I didn't leave this one laughing. In fact, I left it scratching my head. I was rather confused by the crack-induced seizure couw and as to why Dr. Andonuts would feel the need to cut Ness' scrotum off. I was also confused by the viruses from Dr. Mario at the end. It could have been better.

it was okay and good

i play earthbound a lot on my snes so i like the way u made it just like the game!

An ok movie

It was very ok, some of the jokes were a little crude, but what newgrounds goer isnt used to that by now. The sound was reletivly ok but you coulda found some better mp3s.

...I never knew ness had viruses for balls...


Why Ruin the Memory of such a great game? Why hasn't this been blammed yet? This Should have a long time ago


That was very dumb.