Reviews for ""Earthbound""


...k....i had no clue what was going on in that


The screen was the wrong size

Put more effort into it

If you put more effort into movies like this, I positive it will be a great movie. And make it longer too

Erm... right...

You should've used your skills for something that... made sense. Neutering a preteen just makes no sense to me... The graphics could've also been better. All the sprites were too small for the whole thing. The music was interesting, at least. I wonder where you got that first tune...

Seen better, seen worse.

The tripping of the metorite part was funny. After the cow, it started to deteriourate. The use of another sprite was a good idea, but used incorrectly. And if Ness's testicles look like that, he definately needs surgery, Tom Green style. End Result: Good startup, but it trips near the finish line.