Reviews for ""Earthbound""

That sucked

wow dude it's a little pointless and the sprites were tiny and it wasnt at all funny

Completely random

Frankly, it makes no sense at all. Just a bunch of stuff that happens.


I know it's EarthBound, and I realy love that game. But that animation is just too random... and not funny at all... Better luck next time...

.....uh well, it's awes....supe....pretty swee..ok

I dunno, this is earthbound, so I feel compelled to love it without reason, but also it was just random to the point of incomprehension, I mean really I don't know what even jokes you were going for...I'm just very confused...but then again it is earthbound soo...you got lucky, this time.

how should I put this

you used the chrono trigger save point and simon belmont from castlevania but it is good