Reviews for ""Earthbound""


ok man dince u and I are freinds I won't vote bad... I have you on AOL but normaly I would have voted bad if I didn't see it was you

you could improve it by:
1.add more violence instead of the surgery part being skiped out show it!! man that would have raised it alot people on newgrounds love violence blood and all the other great shit.

2.the sound was a bit choppy try editing it with goldwave you can download it for free make the sound transistion to the work.

3. make the backround area larger so you are able to put ness on the backround and not on the black area.

other than that it was ok just take those tips and you should be fine

-Ryan O'Dell

AOL: gameremakes
if you were wondering...


It's not violent enough.

not worth entering

what the fuck was that?ive seen tellitubbies come up with better?and thats saying sumthing

very weak film

nope, don't like it at all..

Didn't get it

I haven't played many SNES RPGs (despite liking the RPG genre), so unfortunately your movie was lost on me. Graphics were done reasonably well though and the animation was smooth.